Each year, the Haitian teens in our sponsorship program are invited to attend Christian leadership youth camps. These summer camps include time for devotionals, discussion groups, and recreational activities for about 180 sponsored Haitian teens. The goal is to encourage and equip them to become mature Christian leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. The camp makes a huge impact on our young people, as they participate in classes and activities that focus on leadership development, family and marriage, and Christian values/ethics.

Project Hope, a long-term plan with the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure to continually develop outstanding leaders. Project Hope will expand the vocational and job training so that all our orphaned children have a skill they can use to earn a living as well as build a vocational training center to train teens to become electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and carpenters at our Hope Center.

You Can Help Today

Through a Child Education Sponsorship, you are helping to lift a child out of poverty and providing them the hope of a better life.

Every penny of your $36/month goes directly to help your sponsored child. No monies are taken out for fundraising or for U.S.
administrative expenses.

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