Project Hope: Gift Match Campaign

Project Hope is our plan to strengthen the programs and services provided to all our sponsored children. In 2024, a generous Foundation has approved the projects on this list and is matching all donations up to $500,000!!

Some of our ten schools need significant capital investments. Project Hope plans call for two schools to be built and for additional classrooms to be added at existing schools. Each new classroom will need new desks and a chalkboard. Within the Project Hope framework, all students will receive spiritual training at their local school and leadership opportunities at Camp Hope.

In response to the overwhelming need for adequate nutrition, Project Hope ensures that every student receives a nutritious lunch every school day and has access to clean drinking water. In addition, with so many families lacking health information and access, a goal is to improve accessibility of health care. Project Hope highlights the need for excellence in orphan care by planning facility improvements and by developing vocational training programs that will equip older students with essential skills for independent living.

Million Dollar Impact: Amount Raised So Far

Donate by mail:
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Project Hope Gift Match
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Whoever is kind to the needy honors God. – Proverbs 14:31

Sponsor a Child = Support a School

So many children are on the waiting list to be sponsored. Each sponsorship changes a child’s life forever. A gift match will help motivate our donors to sponsor a child. They will know that their gift will be doubled for the first year (only) to help the school with needs and repairs.

Cost: $432/year to sponsor a child x 250 children = $108,000
We have 68 new sponsors so far! Thank you!

Needs for the 63 Orphans at the Cazeau Orphanage

Each year, the expenses for the 63 children living at the Cazeau Orphanage are over and above what we raise, resulting in an annual deficit of around $80,000. This will help us raise more funds for the children’s basic needs and prevent a shortfall.

Cost: $80,000

Orphan Community Housing Repairs

When orphanage children turn 18 years old, they are required to leave the orphanage and live with extended family members. For some of these children, they don’t have extended family and have nowhere to go. After the earthquake in 2020, HFHC purchased land and built small 12 x 12 apartments for those who had no home. Today, 12 of our orphaned children live in these apartments. In the past 13 years, this community has had many things break, but they don’t have any means to repair them.

Cost: $10,000

Summer Lunch on Fridays and Food to Take Home

To combat the ongoing hunger crisis, we want to continue to offer the summer lunch program and Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the schoolchildren in our 10 schools. On Fridays, children go to their local school for a VBS program followed by a cooked meal. Children also receive a bag of rice and beans to take home to their family.

Cost: $10,000 per week * 8 weeks = $80,000

New Large Pots and Bowls for Each School

These heavy-duty cast-iron pots are used every school day to cook meals for the children. Over time, they begin to warp and break. Each school needs a replacement of large pots and bowls. (every 5 years)

Cost: $700 each school * 10 schools = $7,000

Thanks to a generous donor this project has been fully funded!

New Office Space

Due to intense security issues, our NGO Haitian team sought a new office space in an area of Port-au-Prince that is safe and where all of our staff can meet and work together. This space has strong internet and is a place where the government can visit to see that our operations are worthy of NGO status.

Cost: $10,000 annual rent

Expand the Dubuisson School to 11th, 12th, and 13th Grades

When students complete the 10th grade, they must leave our school and attend a nearby school that offers 11th-13th grades. By building three more classrooms, we can expand this school to offer all grades from pre-K to 13th grade. This will keep our sponsored students attending the same school and thus, increase the level of accountability and quality of education they receive.

Cost: $60,000 = $20,000 per classroom

Add Three Elementary School Classrooms at Pageste

The Pageste school educates children from the pre-K to 6th grade. Currently six of the grades have their own classroom but the other pre-K and Kindergarten classes share a classroom. They would like to have three more classrooms built like the photo above so that each grade has their own classroom.

Cost: $60,000 = $20,000 per classroom

Surround Pageste School with a Fence

The Pageste school is located in a remote location and is surrounded by farmland. The cows, goats, and chickens are often found right outside the building. This makes it hard for children to run and play and also causes danger when a cow decides to assert dominance! We would like to put a wire fence around the property to keep the livestock out!

Cost: $3,500

Rental of another School Property

The Robert School has been going though some land and gang disputes. The parents felt it was unsafe to continue sending their children there. The Principal found another property nearby (above) to use until things calm down and they can return.

Cost: $15,000 for the lease and to build a shelter for additional classrooms

Clean Latrines or Septic Tanks each Year

Once a year, the latrines or septic tanks need to be cleaned out and disinfected. This requires a pump or a manual system to empty it.

Cost: $500 per school * 10 schools = $5,000

Thanks to a generous donor this project has been fully funded!

Resurfacing Concrete Floors

The concrete floors have deteriorated over time. Children trip and fall where the floor is uneven and there is more dust inside. The floors need to be resurfaced in several of our schools.

Cost: $25,000 = $2,500 each for 10 classrooms

Thanks to a generous donor this project has been fully funded!

Plaster the Walls for Individual Classrooms

Plaster the concrete block walls to preserve and prevent erosion for individual classrooms and school buildings.

Cost: $25,000 = $5,000 each for 5 classrooms

Fresh Coat of Paint for All Schools

Each year, the walls get dirty from the wear and tear from the use of the space and the open-air classrooms. They are in need of a fresh coat of paint before the start of a new school year.

Cost: $15,000 = $1,500 per school*10

Thanks to a generous donor this project has been fully funded!

Pump and Water Purification for School

The Cazeau School has a cistern where they store water that is purchased from large truckloads of water. They would like to have a pump that transfers the water to the rooftop tank and a water purification system to clean the water.

Cost:$6,000 = $3,000 electric pump + $3,000 water purification system

Solar Panels for Three Schools

Three schools need new batteries and inverters to provide electricity to the school. Solar energy will provide power outlets and lights in each classroom and office.(Brajirois, Pageste, and Dubuisson)

Cost: $15,000 per school

High Quality Desks

Every year, we send funds to repair or replace school bench/desks. In 2024, we would like to invest in better quality desks so that we don’t have to replace them so often.

Cost: $60,000 ($300 each)

Textbooks for Each Grade

Many parents cannot afford to purchase the textbooks that their children need for school. We would like to purchase 20 copies of each required textbook to be kept at school to be used by the children when they come to school.

Cost: $80,000 = $8,000 per school * 10

Computer Training Lab

Learning to use a computer has increasingly become a vital skill for students as they seek employment once they leave the orphanage. Currently, students meet in a small room to take classes. We have an opportunity to expand our training space where students can go to learn and also do their homework.

Cost: $10,000 to purchase 12 new laptop computers, internet access, and new tables and chairs

Chemistry Lab

Students in 11th grade and up take chemistry classes but do not have any equipment to have hands-on learning activities. Educators at the Delmas Christian School have asked for chemistry equipment to put their textbook knowledge into practice.

Cost: $9,800

School Supplies for Classwork

Students treasure having a basic calculator, but most do not have them. They will borrow each other’s school supplies but truly need to have one of their own. These school supplies would be kept at school so that each student can use them there.

Cost: $23,425

Teacher’s Desk and Cabinet for every Classroom

Each teacher needs a desk with a chair and each classroom needs a secure storage cabinet with shelves.

Cost: $30,000 = 120 classrooms in 10 schools x $250

Teacher Training Workshop

We are committed to training and equipping our educators through professional development opportunities each year. We have been partnering with P4H Global for the past three years to provide a comprehensive training program. An investment in our teachers is an investment in our children, the future of Haiti!

Cost: $8,000 includes payment to p4h Global to train 100 teachers and to cover travel and food expenses for everyone.

Thanks to a generous donor this project is fully funded!

Medical Staff for the Hope Medical Clinic

Throughout the year, children have medical needs that go beyond what a school nurse can address. Dr. Versailles and a lab technician work with HFHC 2-3 days a week or as needed when medical issues arise.

Cost: $20,000 per year

School Nurses for Ten Schools

Each school nurse is paid $200 a month to provide care for the children and to teach health classes each week. In 2023, 900 children were treated and over 1,000 health cases were closed.

Cost: $200 * 10 nurses * 12 months = $24,000 per year

Nurse Offices in Eight Schools

Currently, the nurses do not have a room where they can examine the children. They often must borrow the principal’s office or examine them out in open in the classroom. Also, nurses do not have a safe place to store their supplies.

Cost: $20,000 per office * 8 schools = $160,000

Medicine for Nursing Kits and Clinic Supplies

HFHC’s Children’s Clinic is meeting the needs of 100’s of children each month. They need medications and testing supplies to treat the children.

Cost: $10,000 per year

Training and Supplies Needed for the Animals and Gardens

At our orphanage, we are training the children to care for animals and how to garden. These projects are established but need ongoing funds to feed and properly care for the animals and gardens. It is our goal that one day, our children will be able to use these skills as they provide for their own families.

Cost: $10,000

Providing Opportunities for Advanced Training

Once children leave the orphanage at the age of 18 or complete high school, we provide an opportunity for them to enroll in courses to gain a skill and/or be certified in a profession (1-2 year programs).

Some children are trained in nursing, solar technology, plumbing, electrical work, construction, etc. This program is called Promising Adult Continued Education Training (PACES). We seek sponsors to support students individually or those who give to this fund to help any student who qualifies.

Cost: $10,000 annually for registration fees, tuition, supplies, transportation, uniform

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Sewing Machines and Tables

All older children at the orphanage have the opportunity to learn how to sew. This is a great skill and vocation for them. We have an opportunity to expand our training space and for our young adults to begin sewing uniforms for school children. This expanded space will allow them to work on projects and potentially earn an income.

Cost: $10,000 to purchase 12 new Sewing Machines, sewing tables, and supplies

Thanks to a generous donor $5,000 has been donated to this project!

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