Thomazeau Christian Elementary School

Thomazeau, pronounced Tom-ä-zō, is a city approximately 1  hour drive northeast of Port-au-Prince. The area to the north of the city has a mountain range, which has lost all its forests and much of its topsoil. Farmers still try to grow crops, but many families go hungry due to lack of water and poor soil conditions. Hope for Haiti’s Children’s Hope Center is on 21 acres to the northwest of Thomazeau in the Debas section and includes an orphanage, mission house, a micro-farm, community water well, Camp Hope facilities, and the Thomazeau Christian School.

School Info

Official School Name: Ecole Chretienne de Thomazeau
Principal: Berlo Alphonse
Total Students: 597
Students Sponsored: 412
Number of Teachers: 14 (elementary)
Grades Taught: Preschool (K1-K2), Kindergarten (K3) – 6th Grade
Facility: The elementary school building, Cameron pavilion, and 9th grade have been funded with grants from Hope for Haiti’s Children. They are constructed of concrete block with metal roofs and concrete floors. Electricity is provided by a solar electric power system. The facility is the meeting place for the Thomazeau Church of Christ.

Current Needs – Thomazeau

11th – 13th Grade Classrooms with walkway, storage room, and gate – Funding to build Phase 2 of the secondary school for individual 11th through 13th grade classrooms with walkway, storage room, and gate is needed ($100,000)

Furnishings – The school needs 40 benches with desktops, 4 teacher desks, and 4 chalkboards for the new classrooms. ($200/bench, $250/teacher desk, and $150/chalkboard)

Friday VBS & Summer Lunch Program – The school wants to host a weekly VBS on Fridays in the summer and feed the children a hot meal with a take-home bag of rice and beans every week ($32/child)

You Can Help Today

Through a Child Education Sponsorship, you are helping to lift a child out of poverty and providing them the hope of a better life.

Every penny of your $36/month goes directly to help your sponsored child. No monies are taken out for fundraising or for U.S.
administrative expenses.

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