Water Transforms

Oct 24, 2018

Water is an essential element of life. In rural parts of Haiti, including the Thomazeau region, water is much less abundant. Without clean water wells, schoolchildren and their families settle for contaminated water for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Hope for Haiti’s Children (HFHC) has partnered with Healing Hands International (HHI) to help tackle this need for clean water. With your prayers and financial support, HHI was able to dig a deep community water well at HFHC’s Thomazeau Hope Center. This community water system, powered by solar energy, pumps up to 1,000 gallons into a large tank every day.

Hundreds of adults and children living in this mountainous region can access the water through one of multiple spigots sheltered under an awning at the Hope Center. Most come early in the morning to fill their water containers for their families. A separate water trough provides for families’ donkeys and other animals so they no longer have to huddle around and attempt to drink from the runoff. In addition to this well and the one already existing at the Hope Center, HHI dug a third well, thanks to funds raised by Bellevue church of Christ’s Walk4Water efforts. This solar-powered well provides running water for the bathroom in the new orphanage dormitory, the church baptistery, and the brand-new, 24-stall shower house for Camp Hope. No longer will campers have to use a bucket of water and plastic cup to bathe.

This third well also houses a pump that fills two 1,000-gallon PVC tanks which sit at the top of the Hope Center’s 30-foot-high water tower. With the help of retired engineers Mark McCullough (Cincinnati, OH) and William Anderson (Pegram, TN), the new solar energy system powers the pump which automatically turns on and shuts off – preventing the tanks from running dry. Now the families surrounding the Thomazeau Hope Center will no longer worry about searching for clean water every day. The community is seeing Christ’s love in action and being drawn to learn more about the true Water of Life!

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