Trees in Thomazeau

Mar 13, 2019

What do you like to do on a sunny day? Some may want to lay outside and soak in the sun while others may want to go for a run or work in their yard. Regardless of what your choice of activity is, at some point in the day you are going to want two things: water and shade.

Hope for Haiti’s Children has been working on solving the water problems by partnering with organizations to build wells in the schools and communities. Now, the Thomazeau Christian School is taking on the challenge of adding shade and vegetation to the outdoor facilities. Berlo Alphonse, the principal at Thomazeau, has been incorporating basic gardening into the curriculum. In February, the children worked together to plant fruit and shade trees outside the school.

Not only will these trees help provide shade for the children playing outside, but these lessons will teach vital skills in sustainable agriculture. This is so important for Haiti because many in the population have not learned the importance of preserving land and growing vegetation. For example, making and selling charcoal by burning the roots of trees is a primary source of income for many Haitians.

It is a blessing to have administrators in HFHC schools leading a generation to take care of the land they have been given. Now when you experience a beautiful sunny day, you can think about those children in Haiti, building a better future for themselves.

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