Together We Can Do So Much

May 1, 2023

Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Brent, Celia, Victor, and Matilda Lightsey are making an impact on Haitian lives. Brent and Celia Lightsey began sponsoring a child about 14 years ago. They learned about Hope for Haiti’s Children through their church, the Britton Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. Today, they sponsor Wood-Kelly, age nineteen, and Neitza, age seven. Wood-kelly has transitioned out of the orphanage and has begun professional training to drive a back-hoe. Brent and Celia feel fortunate to continue supporting Wood-kelly through this transition.

They also help prepare Joy Boxes for the children to receive at Christmas. When asked about the impact sponsorship has had on their family, Celia said, “We love the opportunity to talk about Haiti and the needs with our children and pray for the very real faces and names from HFHC as a family.” She continued, “We pray for the children of Haiti to be loved, to be fed and clothed and safe, and for them to see and know God’s love through that care.” Brent and Celia’s seven-year-old daughter, Matilda, keeps Haiti close to her heart. Matilda plans to be a doctor and wants to help the children in Haiti.

Brent and Celia mentioned that they view HFHC as the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti. They said of HFHC: “It is such a gift to have a trustworthy, hands-on team who wants to fulfill exactly what Jesus taught us to do in Matthew 25.” The Lightseys want to see all Haitian children have opportunities to live peaceful, fruitful lives.

Child sponsorship makes an impact – on the child in Haiti and on the sponsors! Now is a great time begin sponsoring a child! A very generous supporter will match every new sponsorship for the first year! In other words, for every new child sponsorship, $432 (the annual cost for sponsorship) will be given to the new sponsored child’s school. Think about it: If we get 100 new sponsors this year, that equates to an additional $43,200 given to HFHC schools!

As you likely know, sponsorship is vital to the work we do in Haiti. Sponsorship provides tuition, books and supplies, a school uniform, health care, and transportation for the children. Through sponsorship, you are helping to lift a child out of poverty and provide them hope for a better life. Your sponsorship benefits the children, their families, and their schools…all for the glory of God!

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