The Heart of Our Mission

Feb 19, 2024

The heart of our mission is spiritual training. More than just Bible studies, we bring experiences that transform.

In the heart of Camp Hope, a transformative journey unfolds for our students, igniting a passion for studying the Bible and discovering the teachings of Jesus. Our students engage in discussion groups with confidence, freely asking questions and sharing their faith experiences. In 2023, sixteen of them received Jesus through the waters of baptism and transformed their lives as new creatures of God.

Camp Hope is not just a place of learning; it molds these young minds to become beacons of Christ’s love in their surroundings and beyond. The emphasis on serving others and fostering teamwork is evident as students unite, putting their hands together to achieve common goals. Reflecting on the wisdom that “if you want to go far, you have to have support,” our dedicated team at Camp Hope stands strong, realizing the significance of collaboration in moving forward.

Together, we witness blessings unfold as we plan, organize, and prepare for the camp, reinforcing the belief that teamwork paves the way for lasting success. Camp Hope is more than an escape; it’s a mental sanctuary for our students, offering respite from the challenges in their country. Amidst struggles, they find joy, knowing that someone cares, loves them, and is ready to guide their path – Jesus, the ultimate source of hope.

Even in the darkest moments, the light of Jesus shines bright, providing the strength our students need to stand tall. As always, your generosity makes a difference… one child at a time.

Project Hope is a beacon of change, a promise of a brighter future. You can play an important role in this transformative journey. Become a Project Hope partner today and experience the profound joy of transforming futures, one child at a time.

Projects to consider:

  • Send a child to summer camp | $100 (covers their transportation, food, t-shirt, games, toiletry kit)
  • Sponsor a youth rally | $1,000 (covers food and activities)
  • Purchase a Haitian Creole or French Bible | $20 each
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