Teacher Training Workshop

May 9, 2022

Our students have the best teachers! They are committed to creating lifelong learners who love the Lord and succeed academically. Recently, the teachers from all ten HFHC-sponsored Christian schools attended a workshop at our Hope Center in Thomazeau. Thanks to a generous grant from First Colony Church of Christ in Sugar Land, Texas, and coordinated by long-time HFHC friend and teacher trainer Nancy Kornegay, the staff from P4HGlobal conducted the three-day conference. They led interactive sessions and lively discussions while equipping our teachers with strategies that will maximize instructional efforts with students. Topics covered during the workshop included…

  • Constructivist Learning Models
  • Classroom Management
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Strategies For Building Knowledge and Analyzing Information
  • Putting Theories into Practice through Lesson Planning

The teachers returned to their classrooms energized and excited to implement some new educational practices! They continue to stay connected to each other and to their P4H coaching staff to share struggles and successes and to receive valuable support. Please be prayerful for the faculty and staff at each of our schools as they seek to make a difference… one child at a time.

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