Sponsorship Milestone!

Apr 24, 2016

Houston-area Congregation sponsors 85 children in one day!

Southeast Church of Christ in Friendswood, Texas, recently held “Haiti Day” to highlight the congregation’s long-standing emphasis on supporting impoverished children who live in the Cité Soleil region of Haiti. For weeks leading up to this event, the leadership at Southeast prepared church members to sacrificially give, expectantly pray, and actively participate in their Haiti mission. Minister Rick Fyffe shared a personal testimony from his time in Haiti and issued a passionate appeal for all church members to commit to change the life of a child – “today and for eternity.” The congregation’s response was overwhelming! Church members went in droves to the HFHC sponsorship table and committed to sponsor 85 children (in addition to the previous 233 sponsorships) as a result of this single event!!!
 During “Haiti Day” at Southeast, a significant milestone was reached in the Hope for Haiti’s Children organization… our 1500th child was sponsored by generous men and women committed to the cause of Christ. Our sponsorship program exists to nurture, educate, and train young Haitians to walk in the ways of the Lord Jesus and make a positive impact on the future of Haiti. Thanks to YOU, our generous donors and sponsors, Haitian children now have opportunities to become leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. You are making an eternal investment… thank you!



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