Sponsor Story: Deb Eubank

Sep 12, 2023

The relationship between a sponsored child and their sponsor is a special one. We are thankful for all our sponsors! We asked some of them to share their sponsorship story! Hear from one of our current child sponsors, Deb Eubank, what made her want to sponsor a child and why she chose Hope for Haiti’s Children.

How long have your been a sponsor?
I have been a sponsor for seven years.

Tell us about the child you sponsor.
I sponsor 3 kids. 1 boy and 2 girls. I was on my 1st medical trip when I saw the first of these precious unsponsored little ones coming thru clinic. At the time, I was told to let other people get a child to sponsor or I would have grabbed more. I could have taken them all!

Why do you sponsor a child through HFHC?
These children are no different from my own children except in where they were born. They long to go to school, to be loved, be fed and know Jesus. I can help do that for them.

Do you have any stories about your experience with sponsoring?
I was fortunate to see my kids yearly until the pandemic hit. The boy thought I was ok until I showed up with a soccer ball for him. That changed our relationship. Then all his friends thought I was pretty cool too. The girls would shyly hug me. then as years passed, they ran to me. I had one of their mothers walk several miles to meet me. It brought tears to both of our eyes as we love the same child. That helped seal my commitment to do anything I could to help not only the children but their families. Sponsorship does that.

What impact has sponsorship had on you?
Sponsorship costs so little and does so much. Thru my stories, it’s motivated my mother and my daughter’s family to sponsor. It brings such joy to know that we can make a difference in a child’s life thousands of miles away.

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