Thank You! Dubuisson Roof Repaired

Oct 25, 2015

All that was left was a few metal sheets and a few broken wood support beams.  Most of the long wooden school benches which serve as school desks and pews were also badly damaged.

With school scheduled to open nation-wide the first week of September, the school children, church members, and Dubuisson community were deeply concerned about the situation.  After discussions and prayer with church leaders on July 21, a plan was put in place.  The church community would provide the labor for the project and a letter would be sent to HFHC child sponsors to request their financial help to purchase new roof materials.  Thanks to an outpouring of compassion from HFHC sponsors, all required funds were raised and wired in on August 17 to rebuild the school roof and build new school benches.

With church members helping with much of the labor, the new roof was completed on September 11, with a celebration gospel meeting in the facility on September 13 and the school opening on September 14.   What an a incredible team effort!


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