How Can You Pray for Haiti?

Apr 27, 2023

It’s no secret that Haiti is in crisis. Gang violence, a dysfunctional government, overwhelming inflation, and hunger are part of Haiti’s everyday reality. It’s heartbreaking to read story after story reporting more bad news. However, despite the challenges, we believe God is present in Haiti, shining His light in the darkness. Therefore, it is not all bad news; the good news of Jesus continues to bring hope, life, and peace to Haiti.

Here are specific things to pray for…
• Pray for God to protect the children of Haiti and HFHC’s Haiti staff.
• Pray for God to restore peace to Haiti and for the gangs to stop the violence.
• Pray for God to provide every Haitian with their daily bread.
• Pray for the international community’s response to Haiti.
• Pray for God to protect the Christians in Haiti and to use them to show the way of Jesus even amidst the challenges.

There is no problem in this world that is too big for God. God is greater than even the worst of challenges facing Haiti right now. He has the power to change Haiti. Together, let’s call on His Name to restore peace to this country we love so much.

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