Phito Oupette: A True Success Story

May 29, 2019

t Phito. In 1999, Phito was brought to Cazeau Christian Orphanage at age 10 after his mother passed away. Through HFHC’s child sponsorship program, Phito was able to receive a quality Christian education at Cazeau Christian School. After finishing high school, he became a plumber in order to earn a living and provide for his family. While working in this field, Phito decided to study theology at Delmas University of Theology and now teaches Bible classes at the Cazeau Church of Christ. He also made a career transition and currently spends his days working as a tutor and administrator at the Cazeau Christian School.

“I am serving the Cazeau School because they gave to me,” explains Phito. “Now I am giving back.”

Along with his daily task of raising the Haitian flag, Phito has responsibilities to oversee and facilitate student interactions. He explains that some days are easier than others. “It is a lot to watch over the kids.” He hopes the children are learning to take life seriously and that they see him as a good example.

Although he cares for the children of Cazeau Christian School, Phito also has the joy of a family at home. He and his wife raise a son and a daughter. Tragically, his daughter has been paralyzed from birth. When asked about how this affects his life, Phito suggests that his life is not merely about himself.

“When you are a Christian, it’s not what you want from God; it is what God wants from you.”

While Phito lives a fulfilling life, he still has big hopes and dreams for his family. He gives his children the opportunities he was afforded as a young man and encourages them to pay it forward. By capitalizing on the opportunities to obtain an education and learn about leadership and family, Phito now gives back. He beautifully illustrates what it means to be a Christian leader in his home, church, and community and is living proof that hope can make a difference… one child at a time.

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