Lunch Program Makes All the Difference

May 6, 2022

What is the one thing that teachers say impacts a child’s ability to learn? Hunger. While most Haitian children do not have access to consistent, healthy food options, HFHC’s Children’s Food Fund ensures that students in our schools enjoy hot, nutritious lunches.

The reality: With the average Haitian living on ~$2 a day, most families find it difficult to feed the members of their family. Most children come to school without eating breakfast and often have little or no food for dinner. Their school lunch is truly life-sustaining.

How it works: Through generous donations made to the Food Fund and a strong partnership with Trinity Hope, lunches are being served at all ten schools to over 3,000 students. Haitian Feeding Program Directors purchase food from Haitian vendors located near each school. Cooks arrive very early to begin preparing the meals. Many of the cooks are mothers or grandmothers of the children. Children receive a bowl of rice (or corn) and beans, with a high-protein mix of tomato paste, dried herring, oil, seasoning and water.

The results: Daily attendance at school is at an all-time high. Although there have been political protests and a pandemic to contend with, children still make every effort to come to school. The value that all Haitian parents and children put on education is extremely high, but they also know that they will be fed which meets a basic and vital need. In addition, we are finding that children score very high on their exams and are passing at much higher rates than the national average.

What is needed: Your prayers. Please pray for their comfort, strength, and that God will lead them out of crisis. Ongoing funds are needed to ensure that meals continue to be served daily. Any contribution to the Food Fund will help as we commit to feeding the children. We are so grateful for your continued support!

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