Lighting the Way in Haiti

May 29, 2019

Thanks to generous donors, the Robert Christian School, located in a remote village in western Haiti, and the Thomazeau Christian School in central Haiti recently received much-needed solar electric systems! Schoolchildren now enjoy brighter learning environments, teachers and administrators have consistent electricity for basic equipment, and church members can hold evening gatherings at the school/church buildings.

Outdoor security lighting has also enabled local students to meet in the evenings to study and fellowship together. At HFHC’s Hope Center in Thomazeau, newly constructed Camp Hope cabins are equipped with solar power, and 13 powerful outdoor LED solar lights improve security for the entire campus.

An added blessing from this work includes the involvement of two graduates from HFHC’s sponsorship program. James Charlemagne and Agguy Oxi apprenticed with the owner of the Haitian company LC Renewable Energy Solutions and learned how to set up and install solar systems.  The company informed us that after engaging in on-site training, James and Agguy installed the solar electric systems at two of our Camp Hope cabins.

We are certainly proud of these two graduates and their vocational success!

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