Legacy of Compassion

Nov 7, 2017

Orphanage Expansion Made Possible by Connecticut Church of Christ

The Connecticut Valley Church of Christ closes its doors and chooses to bless the orphans at the Thomazeau Christian Orphanage

New Dorm Plans Show 4 Large Bedrooms with Additional Girls’ Bathroom

Hope for Haiti’s Children (HFHC) started as a ministry of the Connecticut Valley church of Christ in 1995 – with many of the 80 members volunteering to help launch the ministry. The church has continued to support HFHC, after the organization became a non-profit in 2001.

The Connecticut Valley congregation began in 1984 in Windsor, Connecticut composed of passionate young Christian singles and couples focused on Christ-like service and evangelism who had moved from Southern and Midwestern areas of the country.

Due to an economic downturn in the Northeast and aging family members, many core families moved away and the congregation was forced to close its doors in February 2017 and sell its church building. In June, the leadership announced that $80,000 from the proceeds of the sale would be donated to build an expanded dormitory at the Thomazeau Christian Orphanage as part of HFHC’s Rebuilding Hope 2020 initiative.

This August, construction work started on the new dormitory (“North Dorm”) which will provide four large bedrooms and girl bathroom facilities for the 12 children who are currently housed in two 10’ x 20’ rooms. Completion of this dorm is scheduled for January 2018. Rebuilding Hope 2020 plans include the future construction of a houseparents’ quarters and a second orphanage dormitory (“South Dorm”) identical to the North Dorm to allow the orphanage to house up to 40 orphaned children.

Thank you. What a tremendous gift to our children.


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