Feeding Tuesday

Give Today to Help Feed Over 3,000 Children in Haiti

#FeedingTuesday is a Giving Tuesday (a global day of giving on November 28, 2023) initiative by Hope for Haiti’s Children. #FeedingTuesday is all about feeding children in Haiti.

By joining us in making a donation on #FeedingTuesday, you will be helping children receive hot, nutritious lunch in school!

How Does It Work

On Tuesday, November 28th, you make a donation. Whether it is $5 or $500, your support will go to help feed children. The money is designated for the Food Fund that provides the proper resources to our School Lunch Program. This program makes sure that all 10 schools are feeding all of their children a hot, nutritious lunch throughout the school week.

OUR 2023 GOAL IS $30,000.

dollars raised in 2023 so far

You Can Help Today

Through a Child Education Sponsorship, you are helping to lift a child out of poverty and providing them the hope of a better life.

Every penny of your $36/month goes directly to help your sponsored child. No monies are taken out for fundraising or for U.S.
administrative expenses.

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