Providing Health Care Through the Chaos

Oct 16, 2021

For most children in Haiti, consistent access to quality health care is unattainable. As you can imagine, the disparity between child health demographics in Haiti and the United States is astounding. For example, the mortality rate for children under five years old is 6 per 1,000 in the United States but is 63 per 1,000 in Haiti. So, what is our response to this painful reality?

This past year, HFHC has hired and trained local school nurses to notify and assist parents with a child in need of urgent medical care. Sponsored children’s lives have been saved this past year through this on-site medical health care program.

Every year, each sponsored child receives exceptional medical care through our Annual Child Care Clinic. Medical professionals from Haiti and the United States work together to conduct well-child examinations and offer specialized care in audiology, dentistry, and optometry. Children’s medical records are analyzed and tracked to confirm proper growth and development and to raise awareness of possible complications.

This year, travelling to Haiti has been difficult due to security concerns and the pandemic. We were unable to have a medical team from the United States travel to Haiti. However, during the last two weeks of April 2021, our HFHC staff, nurses, a pharmacist, and local doctors travelled to the schools to conduct this year’s clinic. They worked tirelessly to ensure each sponsored child received an exam, and we are so thankful for such an incredible team in Haiti. We hope to bring a team from the United States back in coming years and we are grateful to our sponsors who provide the resources to make this health care possible.

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