Fighting Child Hunger

Apr 21, 2021

Haiti has one of the highest levels of food insecurity in the world. Two-thirds of children under five suffer from anemia and one-fifth suffer from chronic malnutrition, stunting their growth. Due to constant political unrest and nationwide unemployment in Haiti, hunger will be a long-term problem for nearly all children.

Hope for Haiti’s Children’s goal is to fight this crisis by working with caring donors to provide lunch to all children in our ten schools every school day. With this daily meal, children who may have little to eat for breakfast or dinner can receive the nutrients needed to grow. Thanks to our food partners, our school lunch program is fully funded this year – serving a hot, nutritious meal to over 3,000 children every school day.

Consider participating in this effort through Feeding Tuesday or direct donations to the Food Fund. You are truly helping preserve the lives of the children we serve so they can grow to become everything God has planned for them!

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