Christmas Joy Boxes Delivered

Dec 29, 2021

As a little girl, I can remember trying to sleep the night before Christmas and just hoping that Santa would stop by my house. What would he bring? Would he remember me?

The same is true for the children in Haiti. They anxiously await that December day when they gather at their school while Christmas Joy Boxes are all brought in and stacked up at the front. Hundreds of children gather and wait… an excited hum fills the air. One by one, their names are called. Some slowly approach and shyly accept their Joy Box while others bounce out of their seat, skip to the front of the room, and smile from ear to ear. They return to their seat and wait until it is time to open them.

For a few, the anticipation gets to be too much and they peek inside! When all students have received a Joy Box, they are given the green light to begin opening!

Some rush out the door to find a private spot, while others immediately open their box where they are seated. It’s one of the sweetest moments that I’ve ever witnessed as I watched one little girl discover a small doll. She picks it out of the box and immediately hugs and cradles it. Little boys find matchbox cars and begin to race them. Flashlights are turned on and off and one little boy raises a toothbrush high in the air to show his friends a prized gift! For most, this is the only Christmas gift that they will receive.

We are so grateful to all who participate in the Christmas Joy Box project each year. Children are tangibly shown the love of Christ and are reminded that they are loved and not forgotten. Thank you for bringing joy and light into their lives each Christmas! If your congregation would like to participate this year, please contact

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