Christian Leadership Youth Camp

Oct 25, 2015

Haiti Facility for Youth Camp – at the foot of the mountains

For the last two years the conference has been aimed at younger campers (13-17).

Julie with Robenson Pierre Michel and Julie’s husband, Art. Julie is a founding HFHC Board Member and she and Art have helped lead the Youth Camp for many years.

Last year I became acquainted with Enock Saintel.  He was the Bible Bowl winner and was voted by his peers for the Leadership Award in his gender/age group.  I hadn’t met him before, but It was obvious that he was a leader.  His response to the survey taken at the end of the conference made an impression on me.  He said “Camp was beautiful.  We had fun, we ate.  We talked about God.  My friends and I had a great time.  We are really changed.”   Enock was only 14 then.  I was anxious to see him again this year and was so pleased to see his growth and maturity.

Another young man named Robenson Pierre Michel had us in stiches.  He was non-stop cracking jokes.  We had the benefit of being with a Haitian-American friend who told us how funny he was and we spent about an hour at the end of the conference hanging out with him.  It was just fun to see how this young man rose above his circumstances to enrich the lives of those around him with humor.

am!  Her name was Yvline Pierre Louis.  She told us (through a translator) that she would love to visit her sponsor in the US and that she had a passport.  Now that got my attention and I asked how it was that she had a passport and that’s when we found out that she is on the team.  She has even been to Jamaica to represent Haiti!

Leadership Award Winners: Encok Saintel at far left

It is exciting to meet our new emerging leaders in Haiti every year and to know that  sponsorship has made an education possible for them.  I just want all sponsors to recognize that not only are you making an education possible, but you are giving these children more hope about their possible outcomes for their lives.  That hope is what pushes them forward.   You will not be disappointed with what these children are becoming!

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