What is Child Sponsorship?

Mar 9, 2021

Child Sponsorship Model

Child sponsorship is a method of development work that involves connecting a generous donor with a single child in need. Typically, sponsorship organizations work in impoverished regions of the world and direct the donor’s monthly support either to the child directly or to the community of which the child resides. No matter how the child receives help, the goal of sponsorship is for a donor to see a real impact in lifting an individual child out of poverty.


The Benefits of Child Sponsorship

The main benefit of child sponsorship is that a donor’s support does not go into a vague fund where they are not sure how it is being used. Instead, the money goes directly to providing for the child. Sponsorship through Hope for Haiti’s Children primarily provides education to each child, but it also provides health care, training opportunities, and more.

Another benefit of child sponsorship is that the donor gets to personally connect with the child they are helping. Through letters, updates, and photos, the donor learns more about the life of the child and how sponsorship is making a difference.

Child sponsorship can also benefit more than the individual child. Their entire family can benefit from the programs and services offered through the sponsorship program. As they grow up, the child will leave sponsorship and typically experience a better adulthood because of the education, training, and physical needs they received through sponsorship.


Should You Choose Child Sponsorship?

Deciding how you want to be generous is not an easy decision. With so many organizations and causes, you have many options for helping people in need. Child sponsorship is the right choice for donors who are looking for a way to personally connect with their financial support. Also, sponsorship is a long-term commitment. If you are not sure you will be able to continue giving for multiple years, this might not be the right option for you.

Child sponsorship has proven to be an effective and rewarding method of helping people in need. If you want to begin sponsoring today, Hope for Haiti’s Children can help! Get started on our Sponsor a Child page.

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