New Way to Teach the Bible in Creole

Oct 8, 2019

The HFHC Christian Schools are excited to introduce a new Bible curriculum this academic year. In previous years, teachers have been able to teach memory verses, but have not had adequate resources to systematically teach Bible stories. Now, the students will receive a holistic study of the Bible in the language they know best, Haitian Creole (Kreyol). Along with the new curriculum, Thomazeau Christian School has a new bible timeline painted on their pavilion wall (pictured left). The stick figures on the timeline reference the specific biblical events in the children’s lessons. The adults who attend the Thomazeau Church of Christ, which meets in the pavilion on Sundays, are also enjoying the illustrations as they learn and grow.

To help the principals and teachers implement the new curriculum, each school has received a tablet with a digital copy of the lessons. Each tablet is also preloaded with videos and other resources to assist with teaching a variety of subjects, including agriculture. The teachers are now better equipped to provide the children with additional learning.

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