2022 Camp Hope Youth Rallies

Apr 22, 2022

Students who attended Camp Hope 2021 are excited to attend area-wide youth events where they worship together, enjoy a meal, play with their friends, and share their faith! These youth rallies are part of a larger effort to keep students connected to faith leaders in their local communities (preachers, youth ministers, school teachers, and principals), Camp Hope leaders (Johnny Laine, Roolite, and others), as well as their fellow campers.

Campers who were peer-selected as student leaders at Camp Hope are offered opportunities to serve at these events and receive extra youth leadership training. All camp events are organized and executed by HFHC’s Haitian-led Camp Hope Leadership Team and are designed to help young people in Haiti find and follow Jesus. We remain humbled and amazed at the blessings God has poured upon Camp Hope, and we hope you will continue to partner with us as we endeavor to make a difference… one child at a time. View more photos!

To find out more about Camp Hope, click here to email HFHC. If you want to make a tax-free gift-matched donation that will benefit Camp Hope, click here to give. Thank you!

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