Please Pray for Haiti - Hurricane Matthew Update

HFHC Response Plan

December 2016

2016 pigs in standing waterPictured above: Pigs walk through standing water in Cite Soleil one week after Hurricane Matthew

2016 kids muddy

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Relief and rebuilding efforts are planned to continue over the next six months. Thank you to all who have contributed to fund these vital crisis relief efforts!

Hurricane Matthew Response

Hurricane Matthew caused the worst humanitarian crisis in Haiti since the devastating earthquake of 2010. In the southern peninsula, homes were shredded by the 145-mile-per-hour winds and families throughout the country lost rooftops. Many of the livestock were killed and crops were decimated. For numerous families, this was the sole source of their income. Additionally, food shortages and water contamination threatened to bring disease and starvation. As we purchase materials for the rebuilding of homes and church-owned school facilities, we are focused on supplying basic food staples, purchasing medicines to treat those with injuries, providing tarps for church and school community shelters, distributing water purification systems, and supplying solar lanterns for night-time security for families. We are grateful that we can utilize our trusted network of school and church leaders in Port-au-Prince and on the peninsula developed over the past 21 years. As aid is distributed through our leaders, we are using our long-standing system of financial accountability to ensure that all donations are maximized to serve the most children and families possible.

2016 jeantyrard rice and oil

Hunger Relief

Assessment and Need: With crops being washed away by flooding, there is a food shortage and costs are rising. Action Plan: Distribute rice and oil to all of our 10 Christian schools serving 2,500 children. ($15,000) Provide rice and staples to children and families in the Jeremie area ($5,000)

Pictured left: HFHC-Haiti NGO President, Jeantyrard Elmera distributes rice and oil

2016 across river with rice

Pictured: Rice being loaded onto "ferry" boats to reach Pageste area.

2016 boy in front of house


Assessment and Need: Waist-high flood waters swept through the coastal area of Cité Soleil where 364 of our sponsored children live. Some families stayed on their beds hoping the water wouldn’t rise above them and hopelessly watched as their few possessions floated away. Countless homes are in such a state of disrepair that there is no way to rebuild…they need to start over. Many roofs were either completely blown off or are barely capable of providing shelter. Action Plan: Build new homes for 10 families living in Cité Soleil and in the Delmas area of Port-au-Prince ($45,000) Purchase metal roofing, wood, and nails to repair roofs and structures for 15 sponsored children’s families in Cité Soleil and a few families in Thomazeau ($35,000)

Pictured: Sponsored teen stands in front of his house needing a new roof

2016 jennifer marieshelle

Health and Hygiene

Assessment and Need: Many children are generally uneducated about good hygiene practices like hand washing and the importance of drinking clean water. In addition, some of their community latrines flooded. Action Plan: Conduct Health Education in all schools to teach about proper hygiene and sickness prevention. ($250) Build 2 large community restrooms (latrines) to improve sanitation for our sponsored children and their families. ($15,000)

Pictured: HFHC staff members Marieshelle Joseph and Jennifer Anthony teach the students about the importance of hand washing, drinking clean water, and how germs are spread.

2016 water filters

Safe Water

Assessment and Need: Polluted water is always a problem in Haiti but is even more compromised when flooding occurs. Many of the children impacted by the hurricane are drinking dirty water and being exposed to waterborne diseases like cholera. Cholera is an infectious disease that causes severe diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and even death if untreated. Action Plan: Provide clean water solutions by using Life Straws and Sawyer Water Filter Bucket kits to filter out the bacteria from dirty water and train school principals and students on how to use them. ($5,000)

Pictured: HFHC staff and teachers at a mountain school teach the children how to use the Water Filtration Buckets.

'Truly I tell you,

whatever you did

for one of the least

of these brothers

and sisters of mine,

you did for me.'

- Matthew 25:40

Church & Christian School Outreach/Rebuilding

Assessment and Need: Hurricane Matthew’s main assault was in the southern peninsula. In the small western town of Chambellan, 25 miles west of Jeremie, 80 to 90 percent of homes were destroyed by Matthew’s 140-mile-per-hour winds, including the Chambellan Eglise du Christ (Church of Christ) facility (pictured above) which also housed the 275-student Chambellan Christian School. Jeriel Martel, the local minister of this church and principal of the school, has worked closely with HFHC in the past and is assisting us in coordinating our local distribution efforts. Action Plan: Support our Haiti staff and local church members who immediately responded and by bringing food, medicine, and clothing to families in the peninsula ($10,000) Rebuild the Chambellan Church of Christ. This church also serves as a school during the week which educates over 200 children. ($40,000) Provide wood, metal, and nails so that families and nearby schools can rebuild and make repairs ($25,000)

Recovery Efforts in Haiti Continue After Hurricane Matthew

November 3, 2016

After Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on October 4, Hope for Haiti's Children quickly deployed a U.S. team for immediate crisis relief. The response team worked with HFHC's Haitian Staff to assess damages to our school buildings as well as check on the status of sponsored children and their families.

rice across river

Preparing to cross the Artibonite River and deliver food to the children in the remote village of Pageste.

Assessment from the Response Team:

• Much to our relief, all of the children sponsored in our program are safe. All of the 10 schools and two orphanages are still standing and incurred little to no significant damage.

Homes along the coastline were devastated by flooding and wind damage. In the hardest hit area of Cité Soleil, our team was shocked at the depth of destruction. Water filled many homes during the storm, and in several cases, families huddled together on beds hoping the water would not rise above that level.

Crops were wiped out throughout the country, creating food scarcity and increased prices and leaving many Haitians desperately hungry.

• Water-borne diseases, such as cholera, have become an imminent threat due to the abundance of water contamination.

Immediate Response on the Ground

Jeantyrard distributes rice
Due to your generosity, children are seeing a glimmer of hope through food relief. Here, Jeantyrard Elmera, the President of our NGO in Haiti, helps distribute small bags of rice and bottles of cooking oil to each child attending the school.

healing hands water filterThanks to a donation from Healing Hands International, each HFHC school received Sawyer Water Filters that were successfully installed in 5-gallon buckets. girl receives rice
This little girl is thrilled to receive a bag of rice and cooking oil to take home to share with her family.

Hope for Haiti’s Children is delivering relief supplies and assistance in order to reach 2,500 children. In addition, HFHC has sent funds and provisions for the local Haitian Christians to take to the southern peninsula in Haiti where the damage was most severe. We will continue to meet short-term needs and are working on a long-term plan focused on restoring, rebuilding, and creating sustainable solutions. Please continue to pray for the Haitian people as they again face extreme hardship. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Our team will continue to provide updates on these efforts.



On the ground in Haiti: A note from Tonya Hunt, HFHC Vice President

October 15, 2016

2016 hurricane matthew water rose up to the line of the bedToday, our team was able to visit Cité Soleil, the impoverished area located on the Haiti coast, west of Port-au-Prince. The community leaders graciously welcomed us and led us through the area. We visited homes of those who were deeply affected by Hurricane Matthew, but soon noticed that really all the local residents were impacted in some way. Flood waters filled homes while families gathered on top of beds, hoping the water would not rise above them. Some roofs came off completely while many others were badly damaged, leaving substantial leaks. Those who have roofs used tarps to “fix” the problem. And there’s significant standing water and mud, both inside homes and through the narrow passageways between homes. They need help. They need OUR help. (See More Pics on our Facebook Page)

We also visited a local HFHC-sponsored school. As we entered, we could smell the food cooking in the kitchen. Three large pots of hot rice and beans awaited the children's empty tummies, thanks to our school lunch program. The children all sat at their desks focusing on their teacher. They were safe, secure, and clean... all neatly dressed in their school uniforms and concentrating on their schoolwork. In the short time we shared together, our team taught an educational class about basic health and hygiene. We conducted a demonstration with solar lights that will provide light in their homes at night, and we disseminated Life Straws which will filter out dirty water and remove bacteria that can cause diseases like cholera. Additionally, the students will be receiving food to take back and share with their families.

The contrast we observed today is difficult to comprehend... but we just pause and give thanks to God, and to you - our generous donors, sponsors, supporters, and friends. The sponsored children must feel it – they feel hope. They will be fed, educated, and know that someone cares. Thank you for your continued prayers for all the children in Haiti. With God, all things are possible.


Haiti Begins Recovering from Hurricane Matthew

October 6, 2016

A Note from Ken Bever, President

Dear friends,

oct 6 update flooding 1

As you well know, Hurricane Matthew made landfall two days ago (Tuesday, October 4) as a Category 4 storm over Haiti’s western Tiburon Peninsula. With no government aid, our sponsored children and families are looking to us to assist them with food, clothing and shelter. Full damage reports are still coming in from communities which were unreachable due to downed cellular communications and washed out bridges, but here is what we know at this time:

* 17 homes of sponsored children in Cite Soleil received major damage, with many metal roofs torn off and belongings washed away from the 4 feet of water which rushed through this low-lying coastal area. Undoubtedly, additional sponsored children’s homes in this area have been impacted, but many families who had taken refuge at the Delmas 28 Church of Christ building are just now returning home to assess their housing situation.

* Roofs from 2 homes of sponsored children in Delmas were ripped off from the powerful winds.

* Many families of sponsored children in the mountain areas north of our Thomazeau Hope Center are in need of food assistance since the floods in the area have completely destroyed their crops and made charcoal production impossible.

  oct 6 update damage
Thanks to the donations we have received to date, our Haitian staff is immediately responding by providing the following items:

• Rice/protein food packets to those in need of food

Water purification tablets to those in need of clean water

• Solar lights to families without electricity

Bedding and shelter in the Delmas Church of Christ building for those whose homes have been flooded/damaged

School supplies to sponsored children impacted by the flooding

We are assembling relief supplies with a U.S. support team arriving in Haiti next week. We appreciate the prayers and support from so many of you. Because of our transparency and maximum utilization of funds we receive, we are grateful to be listed in the top 12 charities which the independent non-profit rating organization Charity Navigator is recommending on their Hurricane Matthew web page. We are seeing the needs grow by the hour, however, and your prayers and continued support are urgently needed. You can donate online at Hope for Haiti's Children - Hurricane Matthew Relief Donations or via check earmarked for “Hurricane Matthew Relief” and mailed to P.O. Box 62328, Cincinnati, OH 45262.

Ken Bever
HFHC President