Rebuilding Hope 2020 Update

by Ken Bever
Under Construction: Thomazeau Hope Center Kitchen to Feed Malnourished Children

  Rebuilding Hope 2020 is a 10-year, $5M effort to meet three objectives:


  • Nurture at-risk children by building and strengthening HFHC’s two Christian orphanages and providing hunger and thirst relief in affiliated communities
  • Educate these children by building and strengthening ten HFHC-affiliated Christian schools
  • Train these youth by developing vocational and spiritual training programs via after-school clubs, summer schools, and camps

For the past 4 years, we have been blessed to meet our annual goal of $500,000 which has allowed us to make wonderful progress in all three areas as highlighted in the photos you see here.  A major blessing has been the completion of the Thomazeau Hope Center pavilion and the 3rd grade classroom, where many more children are now able to receive an education and grow into outstanding leaders.  But year to date, we have a $50,000 shortfall in Rebuilding Hope / Where Needed Most funding to move ahead on the projects scheduled to start, such as the Thomazeau Christian Orphanage kitchen/dining hall.  You will find the details of all the plans and current progress at:  Please prayerfully consider a Rebuilding Hope gift this year to help us bridge the $50,000 gap.

Ken Bever, Founder & President

2015 fall news rh2020 3
Summer "Youth Day" at newly completed Thomazeau Hope Center pavilion organized by First Colony mission team
2015 fall news rh2020 2
School began in september and all 10 schools were provided with additional new school benches (desks)

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